Great success of the Stockholm bicycle service: 572,000 trips per 60,000 users

Our Nordic Regional Manager Daniel Mohlin informs that, as of today, the Stockholm bicycle service has the following figures: 572,000 trips per 60,000 confirmed users since launch, which is a success!

According to the users, around 58% of the rides replace motorized trips, which is having a significant impact on local emissions, traffic congestion, and the public health of the city.

In addition, as winter is coming, the bicycles are being equipped with studded tires to be able to circulate in case of strong climate conditions.

Kicki Eesmäe, Head of Customer Experience was able to speak last week to a few happy bikers who were starting their journey with this safe travel mode when a snowfall fell in the city.

Congratulations to all the Inurba team in Stockholm for their continuous efforts!

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